Wine Preservation and the Fogo Experience

Is there a step by step guide on how to maximize your dining experience? According to the folks at Fogo De Chao there is! Called the Fogo dining experience. Fogo de Chao offers a wide variety of mouth watering and scrumptious cuts of meat. Using age old Brazillian grilling techniques called gaucho, the meats are grilled over an open fire pit. Fogo de Chao pairs their dishes with a nice glass of wine from their extensive award winning collection of wines. An prestigious award bestowed by Wine Spectator Magazine eight year running!

Wine Dispensing System WineStation 3.0

With such a coveted selection of wines, how does Fogo de Chao know what to serve their guests? With their new 4 bottle WineStation that’s how! With locations in Dallas, Atlanta, Houston and Chicago using their 4 bottle wine preservation and wine dispensing systems. Guest can start to enjoy the perfect glass of wine. No longer will guests have to worry about spoiled wine, with the WineStation’s 60 day wine preservation technology.

Fogo De Chao emphasis on their signature Fogo dining experience and use of the WineStation offers a unique experience for every guest.