Wine Retail Survey Results

Wine Retail Survey Results – At A Glance

Napa Technology, developer of the WineStation Intelligent Preservation and Dispensing System, commissioned a survey of 40 top wine retailers nationwide on wine purchasing trends and best practices for increasing bottle sales.

Respondents agreed that today’s consumers are willing to pay more, when given the opportunity to sample wine before they buy. And those retailers willing to look outside the wine bottle for creative and technologically innovative solutions are seeing the profits pour in.

Are customers demanding a wider variety of wines now than in the past?

Yes 84.6%

No 15.4%

When wine sampling is available, what is the increase in purchase price:

5-10% higher 30%

10-20% higher 30%

25%+ 15%

Don’t know 25%

Are customers willing to spend more on a bottle of wine if given the opportunity to sample it first?

Yes 97.4%

No 2.6%

Is your wine buying customer more savvy today than they were 4 years ago?

Yes 76.3%

No 23.7%

Do wine tastings help you sell more wine at your store?

Yes 91.9%

No 8.1%

How much can you expect your wine sales to increase after a wine tasting?

Less than 5% 10.8%

5-15% 56.7%

15-20% 16.2%

20% or More 16.2%

Do you believe that a daily “try before you buy” opportunity for your customers would increase your wine sales?

Yes 80.6%

No 8.3%

Don’t know 11.1%

Do you currently have a wine preservation and dispensing system in your establishment?

Yes 69.4%

No 30.6%

What prompted the need for a preservation and dispensing system in your venue? (Multiple Choice)

Product Control 44.4%

Increase/Improve Profitability 59.3%

Reduction in waste due to spoilage 29.6%

The ability to offer finer/high priced wines 66.7%

Expand wine offerings 48.1%

Ability to offer promotions (wine tastes/events) 40.7%

Loyalty Programs 3.7%

Point of Differentiation 40.7%

What is the customer reaction to your wine preservation system? (Multiple Choice)

None 17.2%

Positive 69%

More likely to purchase small/boutique wines 37.9%

It encourages additional/new purchases 69%

Generates repeat visits 55.2%

Can consumers sample wine anytime at your venue?

Yes 70.6%

No 29.4%


Commissioned by Napa Technology, the retail wine survey took place in September 2011. The sample size included 40 top wine retailers who were contacted by Ink Foundry via a private database and select open and closed social networks. Individuals who participated in the survey are existing users of wine preservation systems, non-users of preservation systems, grocery stores and wine shops.