Double Down the WineStation Dispensing System at Caesars

Are you in the mood for some blackjack, poker, or just want to hit the slots? Maybe you just want to relax by the pool and  indulge?  

If you want to have it all and dine in decadence – than look no further than the new Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace.  Don’t be fooled this  buffet if more than just a feast featuring food and wines from around the world.

And in the center of all the action – you’ll find a 24 Bottle WineStation dispensing system delivering the perfect glass of wine to each guest.

Chosen to assist in creating a unique experience for their Guests, the WineStation by Napa Technology allows diners to select wines from around the world to pair with their decadent culinary selections.

The Bacchanal Buffet is one not to miss — add the WineStation and you’ve definitely doubled your bet!