Preserverd to Perfection: Insignia Steakhouse a 4 Star WineStation experience

Do you know what wine goes well with a mouth watering filet mignon or a nice dragon role? Just ask your server at Insignia Steakhouse and they can point to any of the 8 decadent wines featured in the WineStation dispensing system.

The state of the art wine preservation and dispensing system allows you to enjoy a half or full glass of wine with your dinner. The WineStation ensures that every glass is perfectly poured and preserved up to 60 days! The WineStation achieves this through our elite wine preservation technology assuring each drop tastes to perfection. With a cellar worthy enough to receive the 2013 Award for Excellence from Wine Spectator for their vast selection of wines, Insignia steakhouse just upped the ante on wine by the glass perfection.

Insignia Steakhouse is one of many award winning venues by the Scotto Brothers, including RARE650 and Blackstone Steakhouse. Each featuring the WineStation – of course!