New! WineStation Cellar Dispenses and Serves Wine

Our newest product, WineStation® Cellar, is coming soon and we have all the details you don’t want to miss. WineStation® Cellar is engineered for optimal wine dispensing, preservation, and storage. This product is a two in one solution! For the serious wine connoisseur, you can store and serve wine as the wine maker intended.

The Cellar combines the powerful WineStation®, North Americas #1 Intelligent Dispensing System, with an 80 bottle commercial grade wine cooler. The wines can be chilled at ideal temperatures and keep opened wines at peak freshness through the WineStation®, which eliminates product loss and increases revenue.

The large capacity design has a 24” width and is perfect for maximizing space. With seven shelves to rack your wines onto, this large wine refrigerator has an overall capacity of 10.6 cubic feet. The Cellar can comfortably store 80 bottles, but the maximum capacity is 140 bottles (storing two rows of bottles per shelf). An additional four bottles are stored and dispensed through the WineStation®, located on the top portion of the cellar.

WineStation® is the most effective temperature-controlled wine dispensing and preservation system in the marketplace today. With an argon gas preservation system, wines are kept fresh for 60 days inside the unit and 14 days outside of the unit. It also has three pour options: taste, half and full glass (from .25 – 8 ounces). The preservation and pouring accuracy features allow your wines to remain fresh, eliminates loss, and increases revenue by 15-25%.

“We are thrilled to provide another solution for businesses that are looking to add a wonderful addition to their wine bar or wine cellar,” says Nick Moezidis, CEO of Napa Technology. “Not only will this help store your wines in the ideal temperature, you’ll also reap all the benefits that come with preserving and dispensing your wines through WineStation®. Our product allows you to maximize your product efficiency and enhance your guest experience.”

The cooler is equipped with easy-to-use electronic controls and reversible door hinges that allow you to switch the door from left-to right-hinged and vice versa for maximum flexibility. A humidity reservoir and temperature range of 41-68 degrees Fahrenheit allows the humid air to be taken out of the fridge, letting the wines stay cool and crisp and preserving them for years to come in optimal conditions. Now, you have a product that will keep wines cool and crisp all while storing your wine collection!

For more information on the WineStation® Cellar or to pre-order for your business today, complete the information below and a sales representative will connect with you shortly. You may also call 888.973.9271 to speak with a representative.