Napa Technology Summertime Gadget Guide

Are you ready for summer?! We are and wanted to share some of Napa Technology’s best bets for the beach! Below are a few fun, inexpensive beach-bound toys when you can’t be close to a WineStation.

Spill No More

You’ll never waste another drop of your favorite vino if you can be sure it won’t tip and spill in the sand. Pack one of these cool trays to balance wine glasses, a bottle and snacks. It sells here for $28.Beach wine and gadgets

Chill and Decant
Since two-buck-chuck isn’t likely your scene, even at the beach, we suggest packing this Ice Jacket Instant Decanter to keep your good stuff up to snuff. Freeze the jacket, pour and keep the wine chilled for up to 3 hours. And it’s cool looking. Plus, nobody likes hot wine. A deal for $10.

Open With Ease
No sharp edges to burst your water wings; this sleek wine opener is beach-friendly and efficient. Works on dry land at home, too. It sells here for $25.

The Bag
Every beach bag needs, well, a fab bag. Sachi makes a ton of cool cooling products including these insulated one-bottle coolers that sell for $20 and come in some very cool patterns and colors.

Oh and duh, wine! A beach bag essential for sure. Here are some bubbly drinks to keep you cool:

Lunetta Prosecco – This fragrant sparkler has enticing aromas of apple and peach. Chilled to perfection, this beautiful Prosecco needs nothing more than a good beach read and a breeze.

Ferrari Rose’ – This lovely bubbly will move as fast as the car. With a fresh fragrance of hawthorne flowers, red currants and strawberries, this rose’ has a delicate finish that pairs nicely with your beach plans.

Terra Andina Sparkling Moscato –  Much like it’s home, this Brazilian wine inside is chic, refreshing,  fun and full of life. Try this sparkler over fresh fruit with a little Grand Marnier for an easy Sangria. No sugar needed!

Napa Technology hopes these summer tips make your travels to the beach even more fun! Cheers.