Young’s Fine Wines & Spirits

Located in Manhasset near the Miracle Mile shopping Mecca, Young’s Fine Wine & Spirits has the largest selection of fine wines on Long Island and their trained service staff is fully equipped to help you find the perfect wine for any occasion. Best of all, they allow wine tastings every Saturday and they have just begun using their WineStations!  Three WineStations will be located in Young’s fine wine room and a fourth WineStation will be in their main room.

Young’s will feature twelve wines for customers to try on a daily basis, changing the face of what consumers have the ability to taste and influencing the way they make their purchases. Wines reaching from France’s Loire Valley to the Italian coast will be available in tastes and be changed frequently with the seasons or to feature unique finds. Young’s is currently celebrating their eightieth year serving the community!

For more information about Young’s Fine Wine visit their website at: