99 bottles of Wine on the Wall..99 bottles of Wine….

Actually when you walk into City Spirits in Attelborough, MA what you’ll find is far more than 99 bottles of wine. You’ll find thousands of selections ranging from craft beers to hard to find vintages — not to mention a wealth of spirits!Wine Dispensing System WineStation

But with a collection this large – you may find yourself more confused than excited. Have no fear the new 8 bottle WineStation has arrived to help you sip, swirl and select your very best bottle.

Handpicked by the expert staff at City Spirits, the WineStation dispensing system allows guests to enjoy City Spirits extensive collection of wines to sample before you buy. City Spirits use of the WineStation allows you to be sure the bottle of chardonnay or pinot you grabbing for that dinner party, gift for your boss or to impress your friends — is just what you were looking for. The WineStation perfectly preserves each wine for a period of 60 days and also holds the wines at their perfect serving temp. Just the way the wine maker intended. Yum!