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Napa Technology’s 5 Favorite Wines for Their Holiday Cheers

It's that time of year when friends and family get together to exchange gifts and raise their glasses to toast to a new year. With millions of people flying home to visit family every year, there can be a lot of pressure to make your holiday party and gifting extra special. In comes our expert staff of knowledgeable sommeliers, sharp entrepreneurs, and some of the biggest wine lovers you'll meet. Here at Napa Technology, we know a thing or two about selecting a good bottle of wine. Read on for...

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Enhancing Your Wine List: Wines To Uncork Now

Deciding what to put on your wines by the glass list is a critical part of running a successful wine program. Selecting wines that are ready to be uncorked and are at their peak is a big part of this. However, without a master sommelier preparing your wine list, it can be hard to know when it is or isn’t the right time to open any given wine. We consulted some of the best sommeliers and wine lovers we know to compile some recommendations of vintages and varietals you should be uncorking and...

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Biggest Discount of the Year on WineStation Professional

Are you still pouring your profits down the drain? Now is the time to step up your wine game and get ready to enhance your revenue this holiday season with our BIGGEST discount of the year. Take $1,250 off all our WineStation Professional units (25% off). Get a WineStation for just $3,750 through our new online ordering system until November 16, 2019.    Get ready to take your wine program to the next level with WineStation Professional- North America’s #1 wine dispensing and preservation...

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Wine, Space, Time, & Revenue – 4 Metrics Restaurants Can’t Afford To Waste

The restaurant industry is flourishing most when savvy restaurateurs invest in improving their operations. Every restaurant has its own unique set of challenges but adding a robust wine program to the list can throw a chink in the chain. From storing wine bottles to preserving the opened product, this can pose a challenge for even the most experienced restaurant manager. Read on to discover the four most common challenges restaurants face when it comes to wine and some profit-saving solutions...

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Why WineStation is a Win for Grocery Stores

The grocery industry is a tough business. It’s an industry that saw a 29.4% increase in store openings in 2018 (JLL's 2019 Grocery Tracker) and the playing field has become more and more competitive as giants like Whole Foods, Walmart, and Target slash prices to unbeatable levels. The online sector also adds a level of competition as grocers struggle to figure out ways to get new people in their stores and keep their loyal customers coming back.    Instead of slashing prices or going...

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5 Summer 2019 Wine Trends To Watch

Summer is just around the corner, which means more weddings, parties, weekend getaways, and more time spent drinking wine overall. Here are the Top 5 Summer Wine Trends on everybody’s radar for 2019 and how you can incorporate these trends into your wine program today.   Vegan Wine Don’t be surprised to hear your guests ask if their wine selection is vegan.  It may come as a shock, but a lot of wines are not inherently vegan. While the wine itself doesn’t contain any meat or dairy...

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Integrating Quick-Service Concepts

As we predicted earlier this year, providing self-serve options is a trend continuing to grow in the hospitality industry. Many restaurants and hotels are starting to bypass traditional service offerings like checking guests in and out of rooms, or skipping the ordering process at restaurants and opting for self-service kiosks where guests can perform these tasks themselves.  Read on to see how easy (and profitable) it can be for your business to incorporate quick-service concepts for your...

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Napa Technology’s Sommelier Scholarship Program

Sommeliers are essential not just to the world of wine, but to the hospitality industry as a whole. Having a sommelier on staff is another way to add value to your guests’ experience, in addition, to help to boost your wine profits. Napa Technology has invested in the growth and development of sommeliers through our Sommelier Scholarship. With this program, we cover the Certified Sommelier Exam Fee (up to $595 value) for a new Sommelier (certified in the past 12 months). Read on for more...

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The Modern Tech Lounge + WineStation

Gone are the days where the standard “Business Center” gets passing marks from the business community. We have entered the age where expectations of the tech and amenities offered in these rooms are at an all-time high. Business patrons want to see “smart” technologies that are cutting edge and operate quicker. Thus we enter the time of the modern “Tech Lounge.” What started this?  Millennials are known for mixing business and leisure, coining the new term “bleisure” trip. Most will extend...

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WineStation 101: A Deep Dive Look At The Capabilities Of The Industry Leading WineStation

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]WineStation is the #1 provider of the most effective intelligent wine preservation and dispensing technology in North America. Are you aware of the dozens of unique features that make WineStation the top-choice for so many businesses? From top-of-the-line security features to easy maintenance and operation, WineStation is your go-to preservation unit. Read on to discover how each of the  WineStation features work to keep your wine preserved and your profits...

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