The Simplest Way to Increase Wine Sales in Airports and Arenas


The Simplest Way to Increase Wine Sales in Airports and Arenas

Airport service is one of the biggest industries with millions of people flying every day. It is also one of the hardest to manage given the natural operational and logistical risks and defects. So, how can you successfully tap into this market and generate revenue? The answer is simple—WineStation, North America’s #1 wine dispensing and wine preservation system.

The WineStation allows airport and arena operators to capitalize on consumers more demanding wine palates while generating additional revenue. Whether in the exclusive sky lounges or in high traffic environments, the system significantly eliminates waste and loss and increases wine by the glass revenue by an average of 30 percent. Over the course of one year, we’re talking about potentially over half a million dollars in incremental income simply by satisfying consumers’ increasingly discerning pallets.

Air travelers are some of the most affluent consumers in the world with larger expendable income for luxury items such as a $30 glass of wine. With WineStation, airports have the ability to serve higher end wine by the glass to consumers with a sophisticated wine palate.

There’s zero risk of wine loss with the WineStation because it has an incredible 60-day wine preservation system. In addition to the preservation system, WineStation has customizable portion sizes, ranging from .25 – 8.0 oz. which eliminates heavy handed pouring by your staff. The WineStation has helped increased profits for over 30 airport locations nationwide! Be the next airport to enhance your wine program and watch the profits pour in with the WineStation!

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