New San Diego Ivy Launches New Wine Bar

…offering 80 wines by the glass

Ivy’s new Ultra Lounge and Wine Bar Selects WineStation Intelligent Dispensing System to have Guests Enjoy World Class Wines and Food Pairings Without Steep Bottle Prices.

High-quality, boutique and well-priced wines are in abundance due to the lagging economy. And with wine bars a thriving sector of the foodservice segment, the Ivy Hotel has unveiled a new Ivy Ultra Lounge and Wine Bar, serving 80 wines by-the-glass and pairing menu designed by Executive Chef Nathan Coulon. The new Ultra Lounge and Wine Bar.

Guests will have the opportunity to taste 80 wines ranging from highly sought-after “cult” wines to tried-and-true, in Taste (1.5 oz.), Half (4 oz.) and Full (6 oz.) glasses from Ivy’s 20 new high-tech and interactive WineStations. The wine list ranges in price from $1.76 for a Taste of the 2007 Williamette Valley Riesling produced by Williamette Valley Vineyards (Oregon) to a Full glass of the 2004 Opus One (Napa Valley) for $28.47.

“The wine by-the-glass option resonates with the times because it doesn’t lock consumers into to purchasing an entire bottle,” said Christopher Hile, director of events and restaurant operations at the Ivy Hotel. “Our new Ivy Ultra Lounge and Wine Bar will offer 80 wines for every taste, from Peter Michael “La Carriere” to Sacred Hill from New Zealand, in a casually-sophisticated atmosphere.”

The Ivy’s new WineStations are designed and manufactured by Napa Technology based in Santa Clara, Calif. Each station can hold up to four bottles of wine. The WineStations can be used with a touch of a button and swiping a SmartCard, or a pre-loaded debit card in the amount a customer chooses, which can be purchased from staff members at the Ivy Ultra Lounge and Wine Bar.

“Our WineStations will no doubt provide an engaging experience to Ivy Hotel’s guests,” said Nick Moezidis, managing director and co-founder of Napa Technology. “We’ve found our customers love our WineStations because it gives them more freedom to experiment with unfamiliar wines and in the process discover a new favorite label.”

To enhance the tasting experience, Ivy’s Chef Coulon has created a complementary wine pairing menu. Highlights include a Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza, Chacuterie Plate, Blue Cheese Stuffed Dates Wrapped in Bacon with Grated Parmesan and Duck Rillets. Wine-friendly desserts include Strawberry Semi-fredo, Macerated Grilled Peaches and Belgian Chocolate Torte.

The Ivy Ultra Lounge and Wine Bar will be open Sunday through Wednesday from 1 p.m. to midnight and Thursday through Saturday from 1 to 9 p.m.