Bringing Big Solutions to Big Spaces: Airports and Arenas

It’s 2018, flying and traveling shouldn’t be a hassle anymore. With increased security protocols travelers are arriving at the airport on average two or more hours before their flights, leaving them with some downtime. With the addition of VIP sky lounges, gourmet restaurant choices and high-end wine selections from WineStation®, what was once an inconvenience is now enjoyable. In fact, airports across the country are using Napa Technology’s WineStation® as a way to make a profit with no additional overhead costs.


The WineStation® is the #1 intelligent wine dispensing and preservation system in the marketplace today. The unit operates on an argon gas preservation system which keeps wines preserved for up to 60 days inside the unit and has flexible portion sizes ranging from .25 – 8 ounces. This eliminates product waste, over-pours and increases revenue by 15-25 percent on average.


Air travelers are some of the most affluent consumers in the world with expendable income for luxury items such as a $30 glass of wine. With WineStation®, airports have the ability to serve high-end wines-by-the-glass to consumers with a sophisticated wine palate without the need for additional staff or fear of product waste. The WineStation® is driving new revenue streams in airports like Charlotte/Douglas International Airport (CLT), Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, and other well-traveled airports.


In big arenas, stadiums and convention centers, consumers are increasingly looking for more diverse and unique beverage offerings. Many are opting for self-serve solutions to beat long lines. Some of the biggest arenas like Oracle Arena, Met Life Stadium, Levi’s Stadium and Pepsi Center use WineStation® to increase their wines-by-the-glass revenue by an average of 15-25 percent. Over the course of one year, we’re talking about potentially over half a million dollars in incremental income simply by satisfying consumers’ discerning wine pallets.


Be the next airport or arena to enhance your wine program and watch the profits pour in with the WineStation®. Learn more about how to increase your revenue with WineStation® by completing the information below and a sales representative will connect with you shortly. You may also call 888.973.9271 to speak with a representative.