Wine-by-the-glass & a Beer Bar

At the Tap Beer Bar you’ll find 50 hand selected beers on tap and over 400 bottled beers to choose from. That’s a lot of beer, but what about the wine? We all prefer wine over beer anytime and the Tap Beer Bar has us wine lovers covered with their wine-by-the-glass program. Their wine-by-the-glass program has a little bit of help. And that help is the WineStation by Napa Technology.

The Tap has added a brand new 8 bottle WineStation to their bar. The WineStation is a wine dispensing and preservation system. The Tap Beer Bar staff only needs to press a button and the perfect amount of wine is dispensed. In taste, half or full glass you can now enjoy every single drop. The WineStation’s preservation keeps wines fresh for up to 60 days.  The Tap doesn’t need  to toss out a spoiled bottle and you can enjoy a glass of wine. With wine wines such as Underwood Cellars (Pinot Noir), Mezzacorona (Moscato), and Barone Fini (Pinot Grigio), we are sure they wont need to worry about keeping a bottle of wine around for 60 days. In case they keep them for longer, do be sure the WineStation will keep them fresh and tasty.

The Tap wants you to experience all sorts of wine, and because of that, the Tap updates their wine menu quarterly. These amazing wines are dispensed through the WineStation of course.

The 8 bottle system has allowed The Tap to provide an exceptional wine-by-the-glass program to their customer. If you are looking for a nice Friday night, check out the Tap Beer Bar. The Tap has trivia nights and live music daily. Their draft beer offerings are changed daily and food menu is updated quarterly, you will find something exciting at the Tap.

The Tap Beer Bar is located in Bloomington Indiana.