Wine Suggestions for the Superbowl that will make you cheer!

While most of the world is keeping their on the Seahawks vs Broncos spread, you can begin planning your Super Bowl spread. But as you linger over the idea of wings, chips and dip — don’t forget about WINE.

Salt and Bubbles for the Extra Point:

Now, not all your guests may be the bubbly type, but Champagne is amazing when paired with salty potato chips. Or try a crisp Chardonnay or sparkling Cava with your chips and salsa!  A light sparkling wine will also handle cheesy nachos well, especially if there is a bit of spice to them.

Wine And Wings is an Easy First Down:

Buffalo wings are a must for any successful Super Bowl party. When paired with blue cheese dressing these babies are a sure fire hit when coupled with a Spanish Cava, an American Zinfandel or even a Riesling.

Burgers, Brats and Wine = Touchdown!

Red wines are the perfect side for any burgers, brat or beef hot dog.  Grab a wine with good fruit, decent tannins and enough palate power to balance with your meat and bun. Great selections are Argentinean Malbec, an Aussie Shiraz or a Californian Cab!

So now that you’re prepared with the spread – place your bets!